#. How many picks you post per match day?

The tipster will identify 1 Gold Parlay & 1-2 V.I.P. value bets on each match day, if offer is good.

#. How much cost the tips?

Plan (1) for 1 Week V.I.P. Tip cost 55,00 EUR,

Plan (2) for 1 Month V.I.P. Tips cost 155,00 EUR,

Plan (3) for 1 Month Gold Parlays cost 29,90 EUR,

#. What is the bank size and money management you recommend?

We bet flat, and advise you to follow us with flat stakes. The most conventional approach would be to follow us with 5-10 % of your betting bank.

#. I have not been receiving your replacement tips by emails.

Replacement tips are sent by email. If you did not receive the replacement tips, check your junk/spam folder. If you have not been getting our tips, the chances are that they have been wrongly identified as spam by your mail provider.

#. What are your tips posting times?

By 14:00 pm CET time. The tips available on the match day will be shown on the front page of the site.

#. Do you send the tips by email or SMS?

YES! Both of them. V.I.P. Members receive our V.I.P. Tips and via SMS.

#. Can I get a free trial?

Yes. If you want Test our Service then we offer to you a FREE Trial period.Can you check the terms and conditions here ==> FREE Trial

#. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We do not offer a money back guarantee. Money back guarantee is often being used by people to receive tips without paying.

#. Do you have any guarantees that you will make profit in future?

YES, We guarantee minimum 10 Units Profits at the end of your subscription package. If NOT, then you will continue receive our Tips untill you reach 10 Units Profits. (A fair deal for everybody)